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Default Re: Tell me this noise isn't what I'm afraid it is.

Journals are the bearing surfaces on the crank.
Drop the pan and wiggle each rod cap. The one(s) that wobble are the bad ones. Also look for blueing/blackening discoloration, indicating they're "cooked". If they're cooked, you'll be making new friends at the nearest machine shop, and possibly shopping for a new crank & rods.

Bearings are softer than the surfaces they "bear". They are sacrificial, meaning that they are supposed to wear out instead of the components they protect. Sometimes if you catch them early you can get away with just changing the bearings---- it's not the preferred solution, it's just to get by with some more miles.

There was a YouTube video showing the process, but I can't seem to find it for you.

If you continue to drive it, you could turn repairable parts into scrap metal.
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