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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Originally Posted by Ken/Alabama View Post
Hey Vic, Is your nos u-joint one of the Lincoln joints with needle bearings or a Ford joint ? Im considering putting a Ford joint in my Zephyr,every Lincoln joint I have seen is worn out . Seems to me there would have to be some thin grease in there to work its way into one of those Lincoln joints. Anyone else have any thoughts on this ?


Just to let you know I have a new Zephyr U joint in my 39 Zephyr trans and originally I was going to install a Ford U joint to find out it will not work on the Zephyr splines as it is smaller and doesn't go on. The Zephyr spline comming out of the transmission is different than the Ford I was hoping to change it for the Ford style because there are more of them than the Zephyr and cheaper.

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