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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

I backed the Zephyr out of the garage this morning and noticed an accumulation of liquid on the floor directly under where the passenger side water pump was parked. I got out of the car and did the smell test as the water had the essence of cooling system orange coloring but with a little oil added to it. I suspect that the passenger side water pump is leaking where it butts up to the block because the hoses and clamps are relatively new and tight. The Zephyr water pumps are the externally oiled type, and clean oil mixed with orange (rust colored) water dripping down the lower radiator hose (it is almost impossible to see anything leaking to determine the origin of the leak) is a strong indication that the water pump is leaking. I guess I'll pull both pumps off and send them to Skip but I really wanted to install the plug wire looms and drive the car a little first. What is the consensus with respect to adding some sort of stop leak to the cooling system (the car is running cool) as an alternative to removing the pumps right away...
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