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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Originally Posted by Vic Piano View Post
Ya know, it's true, you do learn something new just about every day. Today's revelation came while I was comparing the two sets of plug wire looms I've got for the LZ. I've cleaned up and painted the looms that came with the '39 and while looking at the set I referred to in a previous post I noticed that (what I'll call the "early set") had a shorter driver side loom with a much larger opening on the aft end. On the "early set" the voltage regulator harness and #12 plug wire exited through the large hole on the end of the loom. On the original '39 looms the drivers side is extended and the #12 plug wire exits from a hole in the side of the loom while the voltage regulator, etc. harness exits through the small hole at the rear of the loom... This will make it much easier to route the plug wires (I hope)... Now, here's a question; do any of you Zephyr guys know what year(s) the "early set" of looms fit and are correct for
I have never noticed the different lenths but I do know that some are larger in diameter than others . Its my understanding that the larger diameter looms are the later ones and the small diameter are early . The original ones for the 39 are the small ones and Im not sure when the large ones came out. I going to use the large ones on mine, they are much easier to get all those wires inside them.
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