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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Originally Posted by Vic Piano View Post
She's Back... Yes, we got the Zephyr buttoned up today. After a long nap she awoke and drove like a dream. Mike, Don & Steve came over to my place, (after we all met at the Saturday Breakfast Club), to give me a hand with the brakes, the final adjustment before firing her up to take a ride with the transmission we rebuilt (thanks to Mac VanPelt) and all the new bushings and especially the rear shocks (that Bill Wzorek rebuilt) working together to produce an outstanding ride. Imagine that!!! Thanks again to Mike, Don & Steve for all their help...

Next up, the '51 F-1. We'll install the '49 Merc OD transmission... Should be FUN.
I imagine I'd have to get that Weed-Eater tuned-up and in use before ya "lose" that F-1.

I may not be the BEST, but I'll do 'til he gets here!

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