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Default Re: new to this era. Questions about phaetons or sedan convertibles?

Originally Posted by cobra5laddict View Post
l'm new to this era so i'm here to learn. I had a 28 roadster with a flathead and sold it. I have 2 kids and really missed having them with me to cruise around. im toying with the idea of a 4 seater convertible 32-40.
Ideally i'd prefer a 2 door car convertible that seats 4. Would that be a phaeton? or sedan convertible? Did such a car exist in 2 door configuration?

I'm hoping that the 32-40 era car will be a bit more suited for todays roads. the Roadster "A" was fun but took its toll on me after about 20 miles.
Google here is your friend.
Search 1936 ford club cabriolet. This is first model convertible with 4 seats inside a 2 door convertible. You can opt for a cabriolet or roadster with rumble seat but passengers are out the back. If you want heaps of room in the backseat search convertible sedan. My 1935 convertible sedan (still to be restored) has an amazing amount of room in the back Do searches for different models and years. Get to know your regional Efv8 club and go to events where you can get a real look at the cars and see what takes your fancy.
When I was younger I drove over 100,000 miles in my 35 roadster. Iíve never driven an A model but the overall improvements were massive in those few years. I hope this helps.
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