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Default Re: Model T Sparkplugs

Originally Posted by Royce P View Post
The Autolite 3095 and Champion F11 plugs are 1/2" pipe thread spark plugs made to service a lot of older applications that use such a spark plug. They are much colder heat range than Champion X or other period spark plugs. So they foul much more easily in a Model T. A better approach is to clean and re - use original spark plugs from the era. They will last a long time between cleanings. In my experience they tend to never foul so long as there is nothing major wrong with the engine.

I find that chemicals designed for cleaning guns work very well on spark plugs for removing carbon and soot / fuel deposits. Here is a little write up:

What makes the heat range lower on a spark plug? Can something be added in between the wire and plug to boost the heat range on new plugs? I would rather leave these plugs in my collection and use new plugs and have to change them out once a year verses using these nos plugs.

Thank you.
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