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Default Re: Max Compression Ratio

Originally Posted by BRENT in 10-uh-C View Post
To muddy up the waters a bit, does anyone remember the diesel fuel conversion for a Model-A engine? As I recall, it was like 16:1 CR on cast bearings. It sure wasn't the compression ratio that was the downfall.

And, FWIW, several of the mid-50s build OHV conversions were 10:1 weren't they Jim? I had a single stock Gemsa that was at least that. As stated above, it is Volumetric Efficiency that is/was the issue with high compression flat heads. F-heads and OHV have no issue with higher compression.
Brent, can you tell us more about this Diesel conversion? When was it made? How many made? Did it work at all? Thanks!
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