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Default Re: How Far In One Day?

I may be more conservative than most people, but I avoid interstate highways in my antique cars. The speeds are too fast and with the trucks and crazy drivers, that is too hard on my nerves. Even with a Model A with good brakes, if you are running stock tires, your life is riding on that limited road contact patch. I am just not going to do it.

Going to Hershey, I have to drive on Rte. 15 some and the interstate around Harrisburg. No fun. Safety in our cars is pretty non-existent. Why run unnecessary risks? Not to say that there are not risks on smaller roads, but you enjoy the ride more. That wasn't your question, I know, but Brent did bring up the type of driving.

All that said, if I was in the west or somewhere the interstates are not that busy, if such a place exists, then I might do it, if I can putt along at 50 mph.

Have fun on your trip.
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