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Default Re: How Far In One Day?

When planning most trips, I start out shooting for 200 miles a day, see where the breaks fall, and then adjust from there.

It depends if it is a one-day drive to get to your destination or a multi-day drive. If only one-day trip, you can push it a bit longer, but if you are talking about miles/day of a multi-day trip, you don't want multiple killer days.

It also depends a bit on how smoothly the car rides and the weather. A rough riding car or a car with a lot of engine vibration really fatigues you. The wind noise when riding in my phaeton is more fatiguing than riding in the S/W Town Sedan. Long hot days also fatigue you. In Texas, I like to start in the morning when cool and knock off early enough to relax and cool off some before dinner.

Finally, it depends on your co-pilot's endurance, and how often you all like to stop for comfort breaks, food, junktique shopping, historic markers, and ice cream. In other words, keep the trip fun and not all about how many miles you can race through in a day.

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