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Default Re: V-8 Fords on Film

1928-29 Ford Model A/V-8 Hot Rod
1936 Ford Cabriolet
1937 Ford Standard Tudor

One of my all time favorite V-8 Fords on film is this awesome 1928-1929 Model A/V-8 Hot Rod from The Best Years of Our Lives (1946). The car is only in the movie for an instant at the beginning.

Check out the Flathead engine with the hi-rise twin-carb manifold. Wow. This is a 1946 movie, so this is a real early iron hot rod from the forties. I wonder what happened to this one. The windshield posts look to be cut down. Also, looks like it has Phaeton doors with no door handles. What a cool early hot rod. Wish there was more to see.


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