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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Originally Posted by Vic Piano View Post
Ok, here's a question for those in the know. I just received two NOS dog bones for the rear shocks on the Lincoln Zephyr. The NOS DB's measure 4" center to center which is what is listed in the LZ parts book however; the DB's I removed are 5" center to center.

There are no ID numbers on any of the DB's, so here's my question; what, if any difference will the shorter DB's make, and could it be that convertibles had the longer DB's to compensate for the weight difference? Thanks in advance for any help. Vic
The dogbone you removed isnt correct for the Zephyr . The other two look to be correct. The Zephyr dogbone doesnt have a rubber bushing inside of it,the steel ball end of the stud is crimped in there much like a ball joint or tie rod end.
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