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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Originally Posted by Vic Piano View Post
Kube, Paint over rust (your assumption) that’s very funny… in fact, I prepped the entire assembly however; I did not grind it smooth as I'm not that anal and I want function over finish in this instance (I don’t build Trailer Queens), prior to priming and painting it. Further, I talked with John Connelly of Columbia two speed Parts, Inc., he said that Columbia cast the axle housings for the conversion (my assumption is that he is correct, while it is possible that he was only referring to the right axle housing being modified by Columbia, he did not clarify that). With all due respect, where did you get your information?
Sorry for any confusion I have apparently caused you. I didn't mean over rust but rather pitted housings. From personal experience, I know you went to a lot of trouble to build that differential up. It simply had not occurred to me that after all that effort you would not fill any pitting. Regardless, we know know the "story".
I think if you speak with John once again he will clarify what I have told you in regard to the housings. He knows me and knows the lengths I go to to research this type of thing.
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