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Default Re: Steering column bracket

Originally Posted by Railcarmover View Post
Even back in the late 20's and early 30's lawyers controlled the corporate narrative,Ford had numerous issues in court regarding the cowl tank.from the tank screen to the steering column bracket the engineering was unsettled,forced by exposure to claim.
Can you provide me with specific references about any íssues in court' in this period. Most cars in this era had rear mounted tanks, just as precarious a position regarding safety as a cowl tank. Ford liked the cowl tank as it did not require a fuel pump which they would have had to pay for or the right to use the design. But it did hamper body design & by 1932 even Ford gave up on it & relegated the tank to the rear with a fuel pump.
The cowl tank was not a flaw in the design of the Model A & in fact added to the simplicity of design & long life of the car. People had been sitting on the tank in open Model T's & up to the mid '20's, motorists routinely travelled with boxes of spare fuel tied to the running boards & fenders when on long trips. Cheers.
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