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Default Adjusting Fuel Level in King Seeley Gauge


I decided to start a new thread in adjusting the fuel level for my 1932 fuel gauge. This would be applicable to all the King Seeley hydrostatic fuel gauges that were used for many manufacturers.

I just finished cleaning my 32 gauge using phosphoric acid with excellent results. I flushed it with water many times after the acid cleaning. I used a pipe cleaner for the glass tube. Any water added after cleaning instantly registered in the glass tube.

The purpose of this post is regarding the calibration wire/s. My gauge has a wire that looks square on the end that is perhaps 3/32", I could not remove it.

I reinstalled my gauge yesterday after adding enough fluid to register on the "0" mark with the gauge leaned back at 25. I then added two gallons of gas and rocked the car aggressively. The fuel only came to to a little below the 1/8 mark. I then added another 3.5 gallons so the total now in the tank is 5.5 gallons and should register at the 1/2 full mark and does not. since about 11 gallons is full, each 1/8 graduation should be about 1.375 gallons. Rocking the 32 and also inserting a fuel siphon hose into the tank and along the bottom and then pushing a little air in from my compressor, throttled down to low pressure, made no difference. Pictures at these two levels are attached.

Now to the crux of my calibration wire question:

- Should I add an additional 1/16" diameter wire or two to bring the level up to the 1/2 mark?
- The additional wire will change the "0" point so I'll have to remove fluid so this will be a little back and forth to calibrate.
- Adding more wire will decrease the volume of red fluid. This red fluid is supposed to be heavy, i.e., a high specific gravity, so I'm assuming that the fuel column in the tank and the head pressure from this fuel column will then register a higher point in the gauge due to the decreased weight of red fluid.
- If the wire I have and couldn't removed is stock I'm assuming, how come it it is so off in level now?

Perhaps my attempts at rocking the car and adding air bubbles don't have the same affect as a short drive on the road which I can't do right now. Do others notice the same level behavior, i.e., low in the gauge when the car has been sitting and then a quick rise to the correct and expected level when on the road?

Interesting calibration wire link:

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