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Default Re: SnyderÂ’s 6:1 head

Run new chrome moly studs and nuts,torque to 60 lbs.Posting a picture of the failed head gasket would help..

the engine in my avatar has a shaved snyder 5.5,.002 piston piston protrusion the quench area (margin between the piston and head) is gasket crush.

Timing is critical to proper performance,adjusting the spark by hand robs performance by missing the proper advance as rpm rises,the model a engine performs best at 1 degree per 100 rpm. Improper timing can lead to center main bearing failure from detonation (ping)and can cause noises indistinguishable from a mechanical issue, at 4.2 to 1 the engine is tolerant of timing deviation,at 6 to 1 it isnt.Combustion chamber shape of the 6 to 1 is not an issue. Its also important to measure piston protrusion,the height the piston crown exceeds the top of the deck.I use modern sealants to 'fill' bad spots in a head or deck,just a light smear helps cure water issues.

Todd Buttermore does good work,and Snyder stands behind what he sells.
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