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Default Re: Rear Main Bearing Oil Behavior

I believe there is a very good reason why Henry designed the rear main drain tube to be submerged in oil. On a recent tour, one Model A had an external oil filter that had a small leak. The owner never checked the oil. After about several hundred miles, enough oil had leaked out to the point that the tube was no longer submerged in the oil in the pan. Oil then started to leak from the rear main. So much that a small puddle would appear under the rear area of the engine when the car stopped. The rear main did not leak before.

After adding 3 1/2 quarts of oil, the rear main leak disappeared.

As long as the oil level was kept between the add and full mark on the dip stick, there was no rear main leak.

I have tubes in all my engines and do not have problems with rear main leaks.

Again, this is just my experience and opinion, obviously, there are other opinions.

Chris W.
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