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Originally Posted by tubman View Post
I put DOT-5 in a '68 Corvette I had and it worked fine for 20 years until I sold the car last fall. However, I have never had so much trouble getting the brakes bled on any other car I owned. I have since gone back to DOT-4. I have an electronic device that will tell you the moisture content of the fluid in your system and whether it is at a marginal level or not. From my experience, the DOT-4 fluid will last at least 10 years (probably more) before it picks up enough moisture to be problematic. At that time, I flush the system and install new fluid. I have "Speed Bleeders" installed in my cars, so that is not a big chore.

Think about this : How many 20 or 30 year old "beaters" on the road are running their original brake fluid installed at the factory? Probably most of them, and I know of no major manufacturer that installs DOT-5. If it were a problem, the legislators and DOT would be all over it, with mandated brake fluid changes, etc.
You are right that many beaters on the road have OEM fluid as installed at the factory. Most manufactures recommend changing fluid every 3 years. Harley Davidson uses DOT 5 because like antique car owners, bikers only go out in the warmer months.
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