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Default Re: Terriable backfiring

30 Closed Cab PU Thanks for your response. I was thinking the same thing about the gasket BUT I have to get the head off before I can report how it looks.

saintjoelarry Well I haven't taken the muffler off yet. It is an Aries Stainless Steel (put on new 11,000+ miles ago) although I'm sure that doesn't matter. Thanks for your response also.

Ernie Vitucci Thank you also for the comment and suggestion.

Corley Thanks for your response and also a great explanation!!

I will make comments when I get the head off. I also plan on checking the valve clearances while I'm at it. Then I will see if either the blown gasket? or the valves being out of adjustment caused the backfiring which I'm not really convinced it is. If not I will have to continue on with the trouble shooting.
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