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Default Re: Dearborn 2018 Concourse Photos

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post

The car was 'found' a couple of years ago in a Detroit garage, as I recall.
I just spoke to Tom Miller, the owner of the 32. He is a past member of the Dearborn RG. He bought the car in 2013. That fella towed it home to Detroit, damaged the trans, and it sat since ~ 1957. The 33-34 block was seized, so he replaced that and rebuilt the trans. Tom won a Rouge award for the interior.

He was not around much cause hes working, in addition, he & his wife were on Antiques Road Show filming Thursday morning. He drove the 32 in to the Edward Hotel for the meet, and drives it to work once a week or so.

He was very complimentary of the GNM in Dearborn and how well organized the meet was. He was also tickled to hear of the interest in his 32 3 window!
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