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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Originally Posted by cwh View Post
I recently bought a 41 Ford cabover. It's a real solid truck and it runs like a top. I've never owned a vehicle this old and with the flathead engine and 6 volt electrical system(actually runs on 12v at this time). I have a few questions regarding both the powertrain and the electrical system.

First off, the truck has just 10600 miles on it but when the previous owner got it the engine was locked up. He got it loosened up with diesel and it runs great now. It doesn't smoke at startup but after 5 or 10 minutes the exaust gets hot and the oil in the exhaust system starts burning. The truck hasn't been run very much at all for the past years. I'm wondering if this is residual or do I need to replace the rings? I would have thought that if the rings were the culprit it would smoke immediatly. Any thoughts, suggestions?

The truck has really old bias/ply tires. It does vibrate a little up to say 15 but then after that it really developes a shimmy. The U joints seem tight as does the carrier bearing. Is the rear bearing in the 4 speed transmission a problem on these trucks?

Finally the electrical system had a meltdown two owners ago. It currently has a 12 volt battery wired through an ignition switch and solenoid to the starter and coil. All the original wiring is gone. Should I go to a 12 volt system or back to original? Who would be the best source for a wiring harness for the truck? Any and all input is appreciated.

Thanks for your ear and hope to have a reliable runner soon.


Very nice, let's see more photos!!
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