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Default Re: Forum Isuue=Possibly??

Definitely low compression and a weak starter . . . time for a rebuild!

XP = Nightmare: Actually you should really consider getting off of XP - as it is a 'hackers dream' as far as virus', etc.. This is the reason why Europe and 3rd World countries get hit really hard with new global virus releases (as they're not up to date in many cases).

Recommendation: Try to get to Window 10 with all the latest security patches, set it up for auto-updates and get a GOOD virus protection package like 'Bit Defender'.

If Stuck on XP: Also, Microsoft stopped updates for XP in 2014, but recently released a set of emergency updates to help prevent some of the globally destructive 'ransomware' attacks for infecting XP. At the very least - apply these updates.
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