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Default Re: '40 Pickup full restoration project

Ya know, I've never met Kubarth (Kube here on the barn), but we all know by now that he's overly-infatuated with '40 Fords. You could probably safely say that he's pretty damned knowledgeable about every single nut and bolt that Henry designed into these '40s. Most folks on this FordBarn are well-aware of the advice and help that Mike has given to members here over the years. Most are also familiar with many of the absolutely beautiful restorations that Mike has done in the past, and that virtually every one of his restorations ends-up being judged to at least 998 or 999 out of 1,000. Mike (or anyone that is SO insistent about EVERY last detail) has to be what I would call "anal", or anal-retentive. And, that is meant to be a compliment, Kube! My point here is that Mike does beautiful, pristine, perfectly-aligned, nothing overlooked, fully-detailed and accurate restorations. One would have to agree that '40 Fords just don't get restored "any more-better" than a Kubarth restoration. It's obvious that the guy just "feels" the depth of ALL that it takes to finally send one of his RE-creations out the door. Keeping all of this in mind, it's easy to forget just how many "perfectly finished" coupes and convertibles that Kube has returned to "better than factory" finish. But since this is the first pick-up that Mike has done, and realizing that certainly no other '40 pick-up was ever built in a Ford factory to this degree of absolute perfection, I wonder if Kube (or anyone else) has come to the realization that this most-certainly MUST be the "MOST-PERFECTLY ASSEMBLED" 1940 Ford pick-up EVER found on Planet Earth? 'Tis a thing of beauty, for sure! DD

I may not be the BEST, but I'll do 'til he gets here!

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