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Default Re: Anybody have any 1934 ford chassis pics?

Have to agree with Dave about the 8BA flatheads not being a simple bolt-in swap. Space is very tight at the front, with barely enough clearance on a stock 21-stud set-up for the fan belt to go between the front pulley and the U-bolts for the front spring. The 8BA type distributor necessitates a long front pulley, and matching water pumps, to get the fan belt out past the distributor.

If you were using the stock transmission and torque tube, then the only way to put a '49-'53 flattie in there is to raise the front of the engine (use Mercury C-mounts), which I think still requires some massaging of the firewall, or convert the engine to pre-'49 ignition, cam, water pumps, etc., to allow a short crank pulley.

But, with a custom open driveline all you need to do is chop a big hole in the firewall and move the motor back to clear at the front. Not sure if you'll have to notch the middle of the X-member to get the trans through - I'd guess 'yes'?
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