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Default Re: New Doodlebug Owner

Finally got the correct wheels and brake parts home from Eastern Oregon. The wheels are in rough shape, but that's ok, we know how to make them usable.

Made new rear lower cowl to frame wood spacers to replace the rotted out ones. Made them from an old pallet as the wood in pallets is generally pretty hard. Used new 3/8 carriage bolts on these mounts. Also installed new 1/2 carriage bolts from the rear axle mounts to frame.

Cleaned engine side of firewall with acetone and was fairly pleased with the results. Have been trying to decide what to leave somewhat original and what to paint. The acetone cleaned off the ancient grime and also slightly softened the underlying paint and transferred a film to the bare areas. Firewall looks pretty good now and no plans to do anything else to that area other than replace the missing panel to panel stove bolts.
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