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Default Re: Just what is a touring cam

i have a ''B'' cam in my 29, it runs good. i wanted a B cam for another A i was building, called HARVEY CRANE [CRANE CAMS] to see if he could regrind an A cam to B specs,Harvey went into a long spiel about why an A cam could NOT be ground to B specs. said there was a man in michigan who was advertising he could do it, said they almost went to blows over it. Harvey said that the ford cam new at factory was .302 lift, after it is run a while that it will wear to .288 lift and stay there. he said that he had a touring grind he called a CRANE .302, a NASCAR cam grinder in NC near ashville has the specs and will regrind your cam. he reground mine and was doing 5 others at the time, don't remember his name but should be easy to find. OH! i miked my cam befor i sent it to him and it was exactly .288, HARVEY was amasing what he knew about model A's.had a 4 page list of different A cams and specs, i had an ENGLE #4 that he wanted me to bring to him so he could degree it and add to list, mever got it to him....RIP HARVEY the cam runs good around town, havent been on trip yet. eng.. snyder head, winfield intake w/ford flt head 6 cylnd 1 barell carb, mdl B dist, 60 over, 302 cam, balanced crank, bal eng, 35 lb fly wh.,v-8 clt. & pres plt, borg wrner OD. 4.11 rear ratio, 21'' whls
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