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Default Re: Early 28 roadster on ebay

The revised Judging Standards of 2016 has a special Canadian section which sheds much light on this particular early roadster. According to the JS, Canadian cars included a colour called 'Evergreen' for both open and closed passenger models. I don't have a chip for evergreen, but I'm thinking pine needles, or a deep green. JS also mentions that the windshield, stanchions and belt rail were painted black on roadsters, which is the case for this car. Also, on some roadsters, the body and belt moldings were painted just one colour, which appears to be the case here.
JS states that the Canadian open car tops were a 'salt and pepper' canvas which fades to tan with age. That could be the case here. In general, this top looks too good to be original, but what do I know?
The seller is very well informed, and I would agree that this is a wonderfully preserved original early roadster.
Any thoughts out there about the paint? What's 'evergreen'?
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