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Default Re: Yes, they are still out there NUMBER 2

Ken/Vic, everyone, I removed the Torque tube today so that I could replace the seal between the banjo and tube (National seal #450082), removed little retainer ring in front of speedo gear, speedo gear, removed torque tube, removed the drive shaft, NOW? I have to remove the double nut holding the pinion gear to get to the seal retainer holder. Question is what would it do to the settings of pinion and what does it re-torque to??? Information appreciated, thanks Bruce
photo of pinion and the double nut with retainer washer ( looks like the double nut is one piece with one side locked with washer )

Drive shaft/torque tube had a lot of oil in tube when I removed, oil had only traveled as far as the torque tube middle support bearing

Does this ever happen to you?, "Man I hate when this happens!!!!"
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