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Default Re: LaBonney what?

The 32 Cabriolet is kind of a different beast in many ways. The guy who did my custom interior was a LB installer (for decades) and really knew his stuff. He said that the CAB interior has many subtle (and some not so subtle) differences that other 32 interiors - makes them a bit difficult. He said the interior and rumble seat area on a CAB are different than lets say a roadster and the amount of work to really get everything right is more than some other cars (where LB had everything he needed). With that said, the guy who did my work (I bought the leather hides myself) did a really nice job. I will have him do my 32 three window (HotRod as well).

I grew up with a mohair interior (it was 40 years old at the time). I think that musty wet cat smell turned me off to mohair from day one (even though I drove it a few years with that interior). I think I unconsciously vowed to never have a mohair interior in any early Ford - if I could help it . . . kind of warped my perspective at a young age! LOL
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