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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Sorry, but I just picked up on this thread ....

The Fordbarn was always about flatheads and old Fords - we had different sections for different years and segments of the flathead/Ford hobby and a streetrod section was included. But it was always about putting a flathead or an old Ford back on the road, the trials and tribultions of doing so, and the ups and downs of keeping it there.

Well, I guess that being said and all of what has been said here of what this site is and what it isn't puts me "out of the fold" as well. None of my flattie powered Ford cars are stock by any means w/5-speeds, F100 brakes and steering in my 32, Vega steering in my 40 and an 8 inch rear, and a 4.3V6/5-speed combo going into my early 60s look and feel 40 p-up - I could go on and on.

I always felt welcomed here and at home before but now, having read all of the comments on this thread, I don't feel that any longer. My flathead and Ford experience is based on what I know and build and "stockers" aren't it. I love them and appreciate them but they are not my direct experience which is where I comment from.

I know you have to do your thing Ryan, and I totally respect you for your decision/opinion as to what the Fordbarn is and what it isn't - nothing ever stays the same. But, I no longer fit the mold here. I do agree w/Hamtown Al regarding the use and response on the HAMB for what we like to build, though - the nature of the beast I guess.

No problem, though - I'll continue to lurk and PM folks once in awhile but other than that I'll get back to the garage and place whatever comments on what/how/why I build what I build on other sites ....
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