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Default Re: banjo steering wheel on a 34?

I'm in the process of putting a 39 banjo in my 32 pick-up. The wheel is a 39 banjo cut down years ago by Bob Juliano I think it's 15" dia. It was one of the first wheels he did. The flair at the bottom is worn/damaged so we cleaned it up some. The rim was roached too. At least we saved a wheel that would have been lost. I'm using a 32 light rod ( I had a 32 light rod with a badly damaged center $5 item @ Hershey a few yrs ago). I put the 32 rod in the 39 center and so far it all looks good. The steering tube is a cut down 37-39 that had a mashed bottom (header clearance I guess). It matches the flair on the wheel (almost, cause of the damage to the wheel)). so far looks OK. I have similar set up on my roadster and that looks pretty good too. Both cars have working 32 column drops ( I am the Lock & Key Guy after All !) I think you will like the look of the later wheel in your 34
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