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Default Re: PCV VALVE SYSTEM for 8BA with Early Intake Manifold

Originally Posted by Fortunateson View Post
Been busy again but better late in replying than never...

I believe both engines have the same oil pickup but have to 2x check. The tranny is a post war truck which will be converted to closed drive. I need the main shaft and possibly second gear if I want to use my LZ setup. I've read pros and cons on this. Rear end is 3.78.

The DIFFERENT oil pick-ups are each shaped to work with the different pan configurations for different applications, like Ford cars, Ford trucks, Mercurys….all use differently-configured oil pans. In fact, this list below from Mac VanPelt's catalog shows the number of different 8BA-type oil pans.

8BA- 6675-C Oil Pan (49-50 Ford V8) - Mid sump - horizontal drain plug
1BA- 6675-A Oil Pan (51 Ford V8) - angled drain plug
1BA- 6675-C Oil Pan (52 Ford V8) - Mid sump - angled drain plug - 2 side ribs
1BA- 6675-D Oil Pan (52-53 Ford V8) - Mid sump - angled drain plug - 3 side ribs
8CM- 6675-C Oil Pan (49-51 Merc) - Rear sump - stud reinforcement at bottom)
1M- 6675 Oil Pan (51 Merc) - Rear sump - w/o stud reinforcement at bottom)
AE- 6675-A Oil Pan (52-53 Merc) - Mid sump - rear drain plug - 3 side ribs
8RT- 6675-B Oil Pan (48-53 Truck V8) - rear sump with cleanout
8RT- 6675-D Oil Pan (53 Truck V8) - long rear to mid sump without cleanout

The Lincoln-Zephyr gear sets require their own, unique 2nd gears and cluster gears. DD

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