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Default Re: water leaks around head studs on 1936 LB engine

Originally Posted by throwback View Post
Yes, all head studs threads were cleaned out and permatex aviation 300 sealer was used on the studs. The studs were new studs purchased from Roy Nacwitz. Any thoughts on next steps?
If someone ran a new/sharp thread cutting tap in those deck threads, that was not the best thing to do when it comes time to seal those studs that enter the water/coolant area. It's best to just use a thread chaser/cleaner. A used head bolt with a couple slots cut straight down through the threads with a hacksaw will do a nice job of cleaning threaded holes in the decks. Possibly by using a good non hardening sealer like Permatex "Right Stuff" that the guys have mentioned here, will get those leaking studs sealed.

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