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Default Re: 1940 Ford Truck handle

Originally Posted by 296 V8 View Post
The Drake handle I put one my dads 40 can be unlocked w key out

Id think a old / good lock smith could make it happen blindfolded
Considering the way the lock cylinder is constructed, I doubt that any locksmith could modify it so you could remove the key when the cylinder is in the unlocked position (Unless he removed all of the internal slugs; then you could remove the key no matter what position the cylinder is in... except that then anyone with a pocket knife or small screwdriver could also unlock your trunk!).

The original 1940 Ford trunk lock cylinder has to have the key inserted and then rotated 180 degrees for the handle to unlock. The key can not be removed without rotating it back 180 degrees to the locked position.

Bob Drake's reproduction 1940 Ford Trunk handles differ from original in that you only have to rotate the key 90 degrees in order to unlock the trunk, but once again you must rotate the key back to the locked position before you can remove it.

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