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Default Re: AA with tandem Axles

Originally Posted by Keith True View Post
Both frames look like car frames,both the main and add-on section.Both have shocks,not a truck item.Did any AA's have transverse springs? I don't believe so,but they may have,I'm not an AA person.I have no idea who made the pass through rear,but there were some pretty crafty folks around during the war.I had a little tractor made from a T that everybody swore had to be made by a factory,but it was home made by a blacksmith here in town.

Yep, you saw the same thing I did. Looks homemade (--or Blacksmith made) and I too would like to know what they did. I got to thinking that if they took two differential housings (banjos) and split them from top to bottom, then the two front halves could be welded together to make that type of a rear end. The two axle housings would support the differential and the bolts would likely hold everything in alignment. The ingenuity that was out there back then is remarkable. Wish more of it was around these days!!


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