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Default Throttle Linkage attached to Engine

First of all Hello!!! to the community. I am new here and am in the process of semi restoring a 31 Coupe.

With this Coupe I received some spare parts. One of the parts that I need to correct is the Throttle Linkage attached to the Engine. The one in the car was broken at the pedal end. There are no threads to attach a pedal. I did receive one as a spare which is broken at the drivers end and missing the linkage for the steering column control.

A few pictures to eliminate the 1000 word post; Full Size Image Full Size Image Full Size Image

I'm planning on removing the good throttle linkage from the broken bracket and placing it into the good bracket.

Question: Would the best method be to heat the end with the linkage ball and straighten it so that it will feed out of the bracket?
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