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Default Re: Uni-Steer advice sought

I understand about heating and bending forged steel steering arms. Not to belabor the obvious, hopefully, with Vega or Uni-Steer cross steering setups on my 34 there has to be clearance between the tie rod and drag link and the lower side of the frame, thus I don't want to bend the arms upward. And the drag link has to be over the wishbone for when the suspension jounces upward or when the engine weight is removed so that the drag link doesn't contact the wishbone. You're right about the tie rod, though because it is not frame-position related like the drag link. In my 32 with a 4" dropped axle (2" beyond the stock 32 axle drop) the tie rod clears the top of the stock radius rod with the same steering arms I'm using on the 34. But there isn't much clearance with the 32 frame bottom and that is no problem because of the side steering.
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