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Default Re: Uni-Steer advice sought

That happens tomorrow. :-) I received a bunch or packages this afternoon to help the cause. My last effort today was to try to grease the spindles and I came to suspect I have to drill the grease hole in the bushings. Darn it.

I spent most of today working on the 32 pickup. I had it set up for a special extra long hood, but I changed my mind and moved the radiator and grill shell back atop the cross member. I am using a 33 cab, lengthened through the doors 5" by a professional shop in order to achieve comfortable seating. And that pushes the back of the cab almost to the rear fenders. The 33 firewall's front bolt places the body back a small amount so that the stock length 32 hood is too short. I still have to use a longer hood, but not as much as I was originally planning to use.

Spring is here and I am out of hibernation. :-)
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