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Default Re: Timing gear oiling?

Originally Posted by derek costello View Post
Tubman is right, We install highlift cams and heaver valve springs and increased pressure oil pumps.. All these modifications are not what Mr. Ford contemplated, the increased loads on the camshaft and the aluminum timing gear should perhaps have better lubrication because of this!

Its not needed that area of the engine sees plenty of oil not only from the original design. But also from additional windage due to the oil flowing out of the front main bearing thats now covering the crank gear.
High lift cams and valve springs with additional pressure compared to stock will not cause any additional wear on the front gears theres actually so little strain on this assembly when you compare the design to an overhead valve arrangement the Ford flathead design is way over built.
When it cones to the additional load in the overhead valve layout i also know from decades of experience even then the stock arrangement will give many years and thousands of miles of reliable service. Oh and it will also work well at well over 200MPH
When it comes to increased pressure/volume oil pumps that to will not cause additional loads that will stress those gears. The higher volume pumps have relief valves that are set so soft there not going to hurt anything. Case in point is if the pump would cause more load than the area of concern would be the idler gear at the rear of the block. From my experience theres never been an issue at the idler end.
Thinking and asking questions is a good thing and thinking outside the box is always interesting. Good luck
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