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Default Re: Need Photos and Suggestions

The sliding lock mechanism on the driver's side is nothing more than a sliding metal piece that pushes on a mating piece in the door latch mechanism that also slides inside the latch and stops the inner and outer handle from being able to move. The passenger door latch does not have the same internal slide built into the latch. Thus, while the sliding lock mechanism CAN be mounted in the passenger door, without the mating piece built into the latch, the sliding lock mechanism is useless. One would have to take the locking piece out of a spare driver's side latch and attach it inside the passenger latch to get the desired effect. Can it be done? Maybe, with lots of effort. Will the locking outside handle alone lock the passenger door ? Yes, but only from the outside. Without modifying the latch mechanism, the door can still be opened from the inside. If passenger safety while in the car is the question, then merely installing the sliding lock in the door is useless. If locking the car from the outside to provide safety from vandals breaking in, all that is needed is the locking outside handle.

Bob Bader
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