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Default Re: Old photo with A and AA

Originally Posted by Tudortomnz View Post
That is true plus the Soviets had their sights set on tractor & truck production, not cars. Cars were required for govt. dept.s but private individual ownership was not the plan in a communist state trying to establish itself.
It was a contract between the Soviets & Ford Motor CO., signed in 1929 before the US govt recognised the USSR govt. Nothing to do with 'Lend Lease' or WW2. The Depression meant USSR had no foreign money available & they had great trouble paying for the Ford plants & equipment. They may well have never paid without the Depression. Because of Fords input, Russia got an auto industry ; Ford never received full repayment.

Actually, Russia had an auto industry before WW1 making Russo-Balt vehicles. The Revolution and WW1 blew that up but they were making the AMO F-15 truck (copy of a FIAT truck) before Ford stepped up to the plate.


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