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Default Re: commercial color list for 1929

OK so I received the model A paint guide book and looked through colors. I also had some Dupont 151 Gun Metal Blue mixed up and I spayed it out to compare with the Paint Guide book color chip.

They both appear to be close, but the small chip in the paint guide book appears to be more gray.

The smaller the paint sample the more dark it will look vs a larger area of sprayed paint.

The Dupont 151 color in direct sunlight at certain angles can look darker gray or sometimes a tinge of blue/green.

I have at least 6 months to figure out a color, still like Andalusite Blue but I have always gone period correct in past car restorations.

I wish there were more photos of Model A's in Gun Metal Blue to look at, seems like it is not a popular color like the blue and of course there are lots of green commercial open cab pickup photos.

Would like to do something other than green.....
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