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Default Re: Redneck ( but effective) way to clean gas tank

Originally Posted by BRENT in 10-uh-C View Post
Nice tractor Bill!!

I realize you only indicated this method would make it better and not perfect, but I would definitely offer a challenge to you. Open it up where all of the insides can be seen to verify the rotating method does get all of the rust inside.

If you are apprehensive about cutting it open, I will make an offer to you. Send me the tank and I will cut the tank open in the factory welds while videoing it with a GoPro. This will show what the inside of the tank looked like and then I will weld the tank back together and send it back at no charge. I will let you post the video showing how effective your process was.
No, this method does not get all the rust. I really didn't think it would. It does knock off all the loose stuff, and removes a good portion of the rust. If this was a fine point restoration, I wouldn't consider it, but I feel that it will take care of the majority of the issues. I will do a triple rinse, then run a fuel filter for 6 months or so.
It does look far better than my other two A's and that have no issues. It looked really bad when I started. In fact it appears that someone had a tank in the bed for a while.
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