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Default Re: Redneck ( but effective) way to clean gas tank

Originally Posted by Keith True View Post
I thought everybody did it that way.It was what I always saw when I was a kid,and have been doing it myself ever since.Because of a shelving factory that used to be here,every old garage has bags of 1/4-20 square nuts hanging around.Pour a pound of them in a tank with some muriatic acid strap it to a wheel and let it run.I've heard people say you can't get them all out,that's just not true.It's just that the last one will take you about 5 minutes.I strap the tank to the wheel with the instrument panel side against the wheel.That way it scours the top of the tank,and that's where I find the most rust to be.I've been an equipment/tractor mechanic all my life,and would have to do this a couple dozen times a year.Small tanks,like for the Cat and John Deere pony engines I would tape up in rags and use a cement mixer.Same thing with motorcycle tanks.
I thought about the nuts, but was afraid I might not get them all out. So I used 10 pounds of BB steel shot, and 10 pounds of #6.
I was planning on turning it like you explained and doing it again. That's funny, I never heard of this being done before, thought of it all myself.
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