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Default Re: commercial color list for 1929

Thanks guys!

I have not sold out on Gun Metal Blue. Once I get the "Paint and Finish Guide" book and compare it to my dad's library of old paint chip books I am going to take the paint reference code to the Ditzler store and have them mix up a couple of colors I can spray out.

Paint chips being smaller will look darker than a larger area. It gets confusing looking on the internet at everyone's interpretation of the color and the old nitrocellulose laquers on the original paint will have degraded too much to show the true original color.

For almost 40 years I have been painting cars and at one time mixed paint at a shop I worked at. Blending paint on new cars with the improved modern paints still takes some shading to match panels on a vehicle.

On vintage cars I have learned everyone has an opinion on what is the correct shade!

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