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Default Re: commercial color list for 1929

Thanks guys! I also finally found another thread on this website that appears a person involved in judging standards posted that off the line those 5 colors are what to be known for commercial use until 1931 when other colors could be ordered.

I am probably going to do the Andalusite Blue as it looks good, is a Model A color and I am not going to be showing or having it judged. It will be a good solid driving vehicle (alternator, improved water pump, etc.) that is mostly period correct and not a 100% factory show vehicle.

On another note, I looked at my Dad's old Ditz-lac paint chip book from the 40's-50's and it shows Gun Metal Blue to be a darker blue than the light to medium green photos of vehicles on this site.

Hopefully the MAFCA book has a Gun Metal Blue paint chip.

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