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Default Re: So when would my car actually have been made?


OK it was an original assembled car restored to original condition.

Now...what you need to do is get a copy of the current MARC/MAFCA Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards and start looking at the different features on the car to determine a time period of assembly that is according to what is on the car or not.

You can tell an early 1930 from a mid 1930 body by looking at the placement of the cowl band.

Hopefully the body has the assembly plant code and numbers on the bodies sub frame.

Review this:

When engines were stamped at Dearborn, they were then sent off the one of the 32 assembly plants throught the US. as the chassis came down the line, the engine was installed and a worker looked at the engine number and stamped it on the frame.

if this 1929 engine was just hanging around the assembly plant and put into your car, then yes, it would have that engine number on the frame. the engine number the original number stamped or is it a RESTAMP? Read the above link.

This should keep you busy for awhile if you are truly interested in trying to find out your original question! there any other information out there about when it would have actually went down the production line?


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