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Default Re: So when would my car actually have been made?

First of all...what is the restoration history of your car?

Did you restore it or did someone else?

Was it restored to the MARC/MAFCA Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards?

Was it just put together without any attention to detail? Maybe that 1929 engine is all the last person had and did not pay attention to detail.

Was it an original assembled car restored to original condition?

Why do I ask all these questions? We know nothing about your car and it is very hard to try to explain just when it came off the assembly line.

All production stopped at all Ford Assembly Plants in October 1929 for which they used up all 1929 parts and revised the assembly lines to make way for the 1930 models which were released to the public in November 1929.

There are all sorts of senarios on can look at.

One can figure out closely to about where and when ones car was assembled if it has the right factors to do so.


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