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Default Back in the day question ?

First I will say I grew up in my fathers full service shop. Steady repairs on
all make cars and trucks from the 30s & 40s so I remember all of those like
my children. So this customer, every day would use the phone booth (yes it
was wood with chicken wire in the glass) so that dates this pre 1957 when they
went to the blue aluminum booths. He would come with his daughter which I
went to school with. I know 33 or 34 Fords like the back of my hand. Has
anyone seen a 33 or 34 Ford pick up? Absolutely not from down under, left
hand drive with fenders on the back, unlike a ute not even close. To compare,
picture, a 1933 or 34 Dodge pick up, a car nose, fenders & doors but a pickup?
My only thoughts are, someone had this made maybe by Cantrell Body at new
but this guy a farm boy with no money; thats out. He came to our phone cause he couldn't afford a phone. Maybe he bought it after the war when all were a dime a dozen. I can't find anything about a pickup on a car platform ford made at this time. Any thoughts why a real pickup was not bought instead of dissecting a car???? sam
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