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Default Re: Pictures, part #s, instructions; rebuilding a 39 style trans.

One thing to note is that the condition of the main drive shaft 'snout' (where the caged bearing rides) is critical. I've seen a lot of folks using very worn or pitted main drive shafts and then wonder why they have issues with 2nd gear wanting to automagically drop out of gear during deceleration. Also, having a tight fitment of the 2nd gear inner bushing to the main drive shaft is also important. I've worked with Charlie NY to redo the bushings on even NOS 2nd gears - to make them have a slight drag on the main shaft. This seems to really help 2nd gear staying in gear - even on high RPM decelerations.

My recent 39 trans has never popped out of 2nd gear - which is something that a lot of rebuilt transmissions tend to do (which drives me nuts!). Just some info to consider in your inspection of parts and overall rebuild efforts.
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